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ProCooking Course 9:00a-1:00p

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Price $775.00
Instructor: Manifa Nazarian
Location: Culver City
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 LACS Professional Cooking Series Course is a twenty week course designed to give students the training they need to pursue a career in cooking or to cook like a professional. Classes will meet every Monday for four hours. The program is limited to twelve students per series. Students will work with a partner to learn and practice working as a team. Tuition includes a professional chef's knife, chef jacket, equipment & ingredients. In order to receive the diploma, only three classes can be missed.


*Payment can be paid in 4 installments of $775.00; total $3,100.00. If you decide to pay in full at time of registration you'll get $125.00 off; total $2,975.00.

Events in this Series:

Class 1: Introduction, Safety & Knife Skills 9a-1p

Class 1: Introduction, Safety & Knife Skills

Class 2: Stocks 9a-1p

Class 2: Stocks

Class 3: Classifications of Soups 9a-1p

Class 3: Classifications of Soups

LAB: Class 4: Salads, Emulsions, Vinaigrette 9a-1p

Class 4: Salads, Emulsions, Vinaigrette

LAB: Class 5: Potatoes 9a-1p

Class 5: Potatoes

Class 6: Eggs 9a-1p

Class 6:Eggs

Class 7: Sauces 9a-1p

Class 7: Sauces

Class 8: Grains/ Legumes 9a-1p

Class 8: Grains/Legumes

Class 9: Chicken 9a-1p

Class 9:Chicken

Class 10: Beef 9a-1p

Class 10: Beef

Class 11: Fish 9a-1p

Class 11: Fish

Class 12: Lamb 9a-1p

Class 12: Lamb

Class 13:Pork 9a-1p

Class 13: Pork

Class 14: Pasta 9a-1p

Class 14:Pasta

Class 15: Plant Based 9a-1p

Class 15: Plant Based

Class 16: Yeast Breads 9a-1p

Class 16: Yeast Breads

Class 17: Pastry 9a-1p

Class 17: Pastry

Class 18: Plated Desserts 9a-1p

Class 18: Plated Desserts

Class 19: Menu Test 9a-1p

Class 19: Menu Test

Class 20: Final Exam 9a-1p

Class 20: Final Exam